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Information plaque

For some food products some simplification have been made offering to the businessman alternative requirements to offer the mandatory information to the consumers. For ice-cream parlours, pastry, bakery and delicatessen products, business owners may also provide information on other media:

  • a register or an equivalent document that summarize all the information regarding the products and that shall be displayed in the proximity of the sales desks (see the legislative Decree 109 article 16 paragraph 3)
  • a unique plaque containing the list of ingredients of a family of products. the allowed products can be found on the document: DM 20.12.1994.


In the case of pre-packaged sweet products intended for sale by the piece or loose and for immediate consumption, the mandatory information may appear only on a sign or on the container, provided that the information is easily visible and legible. (See Legislative Decree 109/1992 Art. 16, paragraph 6).

For drinks sold on tap, the label can be placed directly on the tap or next to it (See Legislative Decree 109/1992 Art. 16, paragraph 4).

Non-pre-packaged water fit for human consumption supplied to mass caterers and in other public establishments shall bear, if treated, the specific sales description: 'treated potable water' or 'treated and aerated potable water', if carbonated. (see Legislative Decree 109/1991 Art. 16, paragraph 5)

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