Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano

Mission Statement

A partner for companies

We represent general interests of South Tyrol’s economy. We are a corporation under public law that represents shared interests of South Tyrolean companies both towards all the other groups in society and towards the public administration. As an association of all companies, we work for all economic operators from various sectors. The obligatory registration of South Tyrolean companies in the Register of Companies permits us to stand up for the reconciliation of interests. The Bolzano Chamber of Commerce is a self-governing body of the economy. The entrepreneurs that have been elected to make part of the Chamber body make decisions and approve the program of activities, the budget and the financial statement.


Core values on which we base our conduct and actions

We advocate the free-enterprise system within the context of a social market economy.  Our aim is to improve framework conditions for the economy, contribute to a long-term positive economic development and to strengthen South Tyrol’s competitive position. We want to be a problem-solver for companies, a driving force for economic development and contribute to a positive attitude towards economic processes.


Our fields of activity

  • Representation of Interests

Our responsibility is the representation of South Tyrolean companies’ collective interests. Based on company surveys, we provide information about the economic situation, express expert opinions and elaborate proposals for action. Through a range of studies we examine strengths and weaknesses of South Tyrol’s economy and its characteristics as a business location. Moreover, on the basis of these studies and analyses we submit recommendations to decision-makers in business and politics.

  • Sovereign Activity

The state has delegated multiple sovereign activities to the Chambers of Commerce in order to guarantee a faster, better and cost-efficient allocation of the services offered to companies. These sovereign activities include the administration of the Register of Companies, directory of professions, duties and responsibilities in the field environmental protection, market regulation and issuing foreign trade documents.

  • Services for Companies

The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano offers plenty of services to companies. We inform about registered companies, answer questions regarding commercial law and industrial property rights and assist in issues such as environmental protection, legal metrology, product safety and competition law. We analyse South Tyrol’s economy and inform about the economic situation at a local, national and international level. We promote the collaboration between school and economy and encourage family-friendly companies. We support internationalization plans of companies, openings of new markets and acquisition of new clients, and the improvement of the awareness level and the image of South Tyrolean quality products. We function in the field of continuing education and human resources development, company start-up, company succession, cooperation and corporate social responsibility. Moreover, we are a credible partner in the implementation of innovations. We devote great attention to the protection of quality wines. Our Court of Arbitration and Mediation Service is a competent point of contact for issues regarding out-of-court conflict resolutions. Furthermore, the Chamber of Commerce attempts to provide positive framework conditions for South Tyrol’s economy and especially for an efficient transport link of our economic region.

  • Our Clients

Our clients are companies. In the interest of the economy we direct our services to public administration, organizations and private individuals. Customer orientation is the first priority in the fulfilment of our duties. Hence, we want to recognize our client’s needs and adapt our activities in order to perfectly meet their expectations. We strive for customer satisfaction and want to maintain a lasting relationship with our customers. In the interest of our customers we operate actively and foresightedly and are constantly seeking for innovative solutions.

  • Our Strengths

We operate cross-sectorally and with attention to the reconciliation of interests. We take advantage of synergies through internal and external collaboration. We access various national and international connections. We are a non-profit organization.

  • Our Staff

The staff members are our greatest strength. Committed and competent employees are a requirement for being the “Partner of the Economy”. We promote the development of our employees through targeted vocational training and further education. Our employees identify themselves with the Chamber of Commerce because they are continuously informed about news and are fully involved into decision-making processes. Modern work equipment is at our staff’s disposal in order to enable them to work efficiently.

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General Secretariat

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