Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano

The lot number

A lot (or batch) is a set of sales units of a food produced over a defined period (and therefore in the same circumstances). The lot shall be identified by a code preceded by the letter L, which must be indelibly and visibly indicated on the labelling. The batch number is decided by the producer, packer or importer of a product. Whoever assigns a lot number is responsible for this. Batch numbers are important for food traceability, especially in the case of non-compliant products.

In the case of prepacked food, the lot shall be indicated on the prepackaging or on a label attached thereto.

In the case of non-prepacked food, a reference to the lot shall appear on the packaging or on the container or, failing that, on the relevant commercial sales documents.

(see Legislative Decree no. 231 of 15 December 2017)

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