Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano

Specificity for product categories:

There are some food products that have successive simplifications in the supply of information to consumers, they are:

  • Products of the ice-cream parlor, patisserie, bakery, fresh pasta and gastronomy:
    The list of ingredients may be displayed on a single sign, register or equivalent system, including in digital form, provided that it is clearly visible and that the information concerning allergens can be traced back to the individual foods sold.
  • Beverages sold by tapping:
    The sign must be applied directly to the dispenser or to its side.
  • Non-pre-packaged water fit for human consumption:
    They must bear the sales denomination 'treated potable water' or 'treated aerated potable water' where they have been treated and/or added with gas.
  • Pre-packed pastry and bakery wares sold by piece or loose:
    They may bear the indications only on the sign or on the container, provided that they are easily visible to the consumer.

(see Legislative Decree no. 231 of 15 December 2017, Art. 19, paragraph 3,4,5,6)

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