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Nutrition Declaration

Informazioni minime

The mandatory nutrition declaration should include at least the following information:

Energy value ... kJ/ ... kcal
Fat ... g
   Of which saturates ... g
Carbohydrates ... g
   Of which sugars ... g
Protein ... g
Salt* ... g

*If the salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium, it may be possible to insert a statement in close proximity to the nutrition declaration indicating this information. (Reg 1169/2011/EU Art. 30)

Food products that do not required the nutritional declaration:

  1. Unprocessed products* that comprise a single ingredient or category of ingredients;
  2. Processed products* which the only processing they have been subjected to is maturing and that comprise a single ingredient or category of ingredients;
  3. Waters intended for human consumption, including those where the only added ingredients are carbon dioxide and/or flavourings;
  4. A herb, a spice or mixtures thereof;
  5. Salt and salt substitutes;
  6. Table top sweeteners;
  7. Products covered by Directive 1999/4/EC relating to coffee extracts and chicory extracts whole or milled coffee beans and whole or milled decaffeinated coffee beans;
  8. Herbal and fruit infusions, tea, decaffeinated tea, instant or soluble tea or tea extract, decaffeinated instant or soluble tea or tea extract, which do not contain other added ingredients than flavourings which do not modify the nutritional value of the tea;
  9. Fermented vinegars and substitutes for vinegar, including those where the only added ingredients are flavourings;
  10. Flavourings;
  11. Food additives;
  12. Processing aids;
  13. Food enzymes;
  14. Gelatine;
  15. Jam setting compounds;
  16. Yeast;
  17. Chewing-gums;
  18. Food in packaging or containers the largest surface of which has an area of less than 25 cm2;
  19. Food, including handcrafted food, directly supplied by the manufacturer of small quantities of products to the final consumer or to local retail establishments directly supplying the final consumer.

* “unprocessed products” means foodstuffs that have not undergone processing, and includes products that have been divided, parted, severed, sliced, boned, minced, skinned, ground, cut, cleaned, trimmed, husked, milled, chilled, frozen, deep-frozen or thawed;
(Reg 852/2004/EC, Art 2, comma 1, letter n)

**”processed products” means foodstuffs resulting from the processing of unprocessed products. These products may contain ingredients that are necessary for their manufacture or to give them specific characteristics. (Reg 852/2004/CE, Art 2, comma 1, letter o)

Detailed information can be found in Annex V Reg EU 1169/2011

Exception concerning “small quantities”, “local level” and “retail”

The definitions of: “producer of small quantities”, “local” and “retail” included in the circolare of the health ministry n.0361078 of the 16 November 2016 are hereafter display. These definitions lay down the characteristic needed to be include in the exception of number 19 Annex V regarding the products that doesn´t need the nutrition declaration. (Annex V, number 19 Reg 1160/2011/EU)

“producer of small quantities”:

This definition include: producers, supplier, farm and artisans business that fulfill the requirements of micro-business (employer with less than 10 employed);
 According to article 2 of the Recommendation 2003/361/EU, the annual turnover or the annual financial report must be under 2.000.001,00€. The exception applies also to the direct retails to consumer on the local territory through a own inner shop.


According to the existing guidelines and in order to avoid the discrimination of the business located in the proximity of the territorial borders, can be identified as “local” the territory of the province where the business is located together with the bordering provinces. Therefore the products could be sold In the bordering territories.


The definition of retails can be retrace to the art. 4 of the legislative decree 114/2008: “"The professional purchase of goods in his own name and for his own account and the resale at a fixed point of sale on private land or in any other way to the final consumer”. This definition must be extended to suppliers of municipal catering services pursuant to Article 2, paragraph 2, letter d) of Regulation 1169/2011/EU.

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