Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano

Advertising messages

Any information (e.g. Alto adige tea) or packaging (e.g. apple juice bottled in champagne bottles) that goes beyond the mandatory information and deviates from the law is considered misleading information. This includes false sales names, incorrect places of origin and improper use of logos.

Food information must not be misleading; in particular, it must not mislead the consumer:

  • with regard to the characteristics of the food, in particular its nature, properties, composition, quantity, durability, country or place of origin and method of manufacture or production.
  • by attributing to the food effects or properties which it does not possess.
  • By indicating a characteristic of the product as particular (e.g. absence or presence of ingredients and/or nutrients) even if in reality all other comparable foods have the same characteristics.
  • Suggesting through the name, the image or the description, the presence of a particular ingredient, even if this ingredient is naturally present in the product, or has been replaced with another ingredient.

Food information shall be accurate, clear and easily understandable to consumers.

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