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Unpackaged food from the 9. May 2018

The sign

The mandatory information can be given in the following:

  • A sign on the containers containing the foodstuffs;
  • An equivalent system, also digital, that is easily accessible and recognizable (e.g. book or register of ingredients).

The sales information sign or support should be displayed in the product sales areas.

Mandatory information

The informations to be reported on the cartel are the following:

  • Sales denomination: corresponds to the denomination defined by the legislator or prescribed by the law of custom. It should be distinguished from the descriptions of commercial sales by which traders distinguish their products from others;
  • List of ingredients except for the cases of exemption;
  • Allergens: ingredients that can cause allergies or intolerances should be highlighted;
  • Storage conditions for rapidly perishable products;
  • expiry date for fresh pasta and fresh pasta with filling, the informations are as follows:
    • or expiry date
    • Indications on storage conditions
    • Temperature at which the expiry date was determined.
  • The actual alcoholic strength by volume of beverages containing more than 1,2 % by volume of alcohol;
  • The percentage of icing, considered as tare, in the case of frozen products;
  • The designation 'thawed' if the products have been frozen before sale and are sold thawed;
  • Additional information required for specific foods.

(see Legislative Decree no. 231 of 15 December 2017, Art. 19, paragraphs 1 and 2)

For solid foods composed of several ingredients, the above information can be calculated with the Food Label Check.

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