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The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano has been a partner of the EEN network since 2016. The network, consisting of over 3,000 experts based in more than 60 countries, focuses on cooperation, technology transfer and strategic partners for SMEs with international ambitions oriented towards the EU and beyond. Enterprise Europe Network services promote:

  • expansion into new markets,
  • contacts with potential business, technology or research partners,
  • knowledge of European regulations and business support programmes.

In the regions Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia the activities are coordinated by the Friend Europe Consortium.

EEN South Tyrol comprises two organisations that work closely together to support South Tyrolean companies in the fields of internationalisation, innovation and growth:

  • Institute for the Promotion of Economic Development of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano
    Focus: Business and Internationalisation
    Collaborators: Luca Filippi, Julian Lombardo, Caterina Sperandio
  • NOI South Tyrol
    Focus: Innovation, Research and Technology
    Collaborators: Giuseppe Franco, Claudia Fuchs, Luca Picariello



Find your international partner

How to find the right business partner or customer in another country, being a small company with limited resources? Acquiring new business contacts abroad is time-consuming and resource intensive. One approach that could save you time, but not necessarily costs, is to turn to a specialised agency to help you make contact with potential partners.

Enterprise Europe Network offers you the international EEN database where you can search for potential partners in all sectors free of charge. There are both suppliers or distributors for exports and international partners for research and innovation. There are currently more than 6,000 requests and offers from all over the world in the database.

Through this database, EEN aims to promote the internationalisation and innovation of European SMEs and cross-border partnerships. In South Tyrol, the Chamber of Commerce and the NOI Techpark are your contacts.

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