Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano

European funding and contributions

Tangible and intangible investments

The European Union provides, through its institutions, a wide range of instruments to support tangible and intangible investments made by companies and other public and private entities.
EU funding is divided into two macro-categories:

  • Direct funding, which comes under the departments of the European institutions responsible.
  • Decentralised funding, which is governed by regional or national authorities.

Programmes managed by regional and national authorities that support territorial cooperation at cross-border and transnational level and regional socio-economic development belong to this second category. The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano, through the Institute for the Promotion of Economic Development, participates in programmes such as Interreg Alpine Space and Interreg Central Europe for the presentation of projects in favour of local entrepreneurship. Examples of projects: C-TEMAlp and BE-READI Alps.

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