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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Mobility program

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is a mobility programme funded by the European Union. Through it, young entrepreneurs and host companies have the opportunity to share their experiences. The project duration varies from one to six months. The programme is implemented by a network of local contact centres, such as Chambers of Commerce, which help young entrepreneurs to network with compatible companies.


  • Discover opportunities for cooperation,
  • Establish contacts on an international level,
  • Deepen one's knowledge of foreign markets.

for young entrepreneurs

  • Enhance sector-specific skills,
  • Get to know successful businessmen and women,
  • Receive a grant from a European Commission programme.

for host companies

  • Collaborate on concrete projects with innovative ideas,
  • Develop innovative solutions for new business opportunities,
  • Expand your business beyond national borders.


The following are eligible to participate in the programme:

young entrepreneurs

  • permanent residents of an EU Member State,
  • who intend to start a business or entrepreneurs who have already taken this step in the last three years,
  • who can present a concrete project or business idea and a corresponding business plan,
  • who demonstrate motivation and willingness to cooperate with established entrepreneurs from other EU Member States,
  • willing to contribute to the development of the business activity of the host entrepreneur     
  • willing to pay the costs of their stay abroad that exceed the EU grant.

host companies and entrepreneurs

  • located permanently in an EU Member State,
  • as managers of small or medium-sized enterprises or who are otherwise directly involved in the management of such enterprises,
  • who have been running their own business for several years,
  • willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to young entrepreneurs and become their mentors.
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